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How we work

Define the requirements

The first step in any successful search is to get a clear understanding of your requirements. Your account manager will contact you at the start of each new search and go over everything in detail to ensure we are fully equipped to find the candidate that will be the best fit for your team.


Search for candidates

Once the search begins Dunross will use an array of sources to identify suitable candidates. In most cases these will be a mix of active candidates (those actively looking for a job) and passive candidates. (those not looking but open to interesting offers if approached by a recruitment professional.)



Once interesting profiles are identified we pre-screen candidates via phone to get a better understanding of their skills and experience. Those who are suitable are then invited to an interview in our offices.


Dunross Interview

Our consultants conduct structured interviews where questions focused on the
candidate’s skills, abilities, experience and motivation are asked. Wherever possible
interviews are conducted face to face but in some cases with the agreement of the client
they may also be conducted via Skype or phone. In any case the interview structure
remains constant.


Presentation to Client

We then present you with those candidates who best fit your requirements. Our presentation will contain the candidate CV, a short written evaluation as well as other important information such as financial requirements, possible start date, reasons for leaving previous employer etc…


Client Interviews

After presenting candidates we await your feedback and arrange interviews with those you would like to consider. We also use your feedback as a basis for refining our search which enables us to improve the quality of our service.


If after the interviews you decide to hire one of our candidates then we will work with you through the offer process to maximise the chances of acceptance. Additionally on your request we can provide reference checks.


Job offer


If you are interested in working with us to hire your next team member then please feel free to contact us.

We would be happy to arrange a face to face meeting at your offices where we can get a better understanding of your company and it's recruitment requirements. Additionally it gives us a chance to better explain how we work and what we can offer. After meeting if agree to move forward then we are able to start work on any new projects immediately after the signing of our standard contract.

Dunross s.r.o.
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Email: dunross@dunross.cz